Please, help!!! hard reject!!!

I honestly don’t know why this was rejected. I like it a lot and think it is very usable.

The only thing I would like is a bit more bell sound on the end note. The white noise is a bit loud and kinda sticks out at you. I don’t think it’s too problematic though that’s just what I would do.

Wait to see feedback from other authors, but I don’t see that much wrong with this. Sorry you got rejected, but keep up the good work!

Sounds great to me!

hi, i think that sometimes there are some mysteries that cannot be explained lol

tu m’étonnes lol y a des fois comme aurait dit mon pote Dany, où “ils sont durs à suivre” lol

and it seems to me that this mystery is in a bad mood reviewer))))

Thanks guys, I will try to follow the advice
Matt French. If approved - will write here)))

Haha c’est un compliment, ça?

d’après toi? lol

After 11+ days approved !!! The logo changed a bit, but such more like a reviewers. Thank you to everyone who helped, especially MattyFrench. I followed your advice.You are the cool !!!