Please Help - Hard Reject(1) For My PHP Hotel Reservation Landing Page Starter Template

Hi guys, I was given a hard rejected (1) with no reason in the PHP script category. Its a simple landing page starter template with a form that allows you make hotel reservations, As shown in the picture below.

Please let me know if you need more details. I really want to get my script approved!

Design quality

Hi Rafamem, the think is, I have seen designs that are far more basic than what i have. Mine was actually inspired by one of those basic designs and i just decided to add my own unique touch

Like this is one example of a basic design that is actually selling right now. I was inspired by this

The design of this second screenshot is well.

Am not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?

  1. The example other one was released 5 years ago

  2. The other design is basic but it does not contain the spacing issues yours has

  3. How is the hotel info populated?

  4. What happens if someone clicks the hotel details button?

  5. Is the pricing dynamically connected to the date range fields? What booking management is thst connected to?

  6. The image prevents it from being possible to assess what may be wrong with the coding. Prresumably you included a working demo in your submission?

  7. Given the quality and choice of for builders on CodeCanyon now, there’s no way someone is going to buy one layout which could be got for free online


ok some interesting feedback.

  • Please what’s the spacing issue? So i can fix it

  • The hotel details button is static for now, it does nothing. It would have been a later enhancement if this initial one was accepted

  • Right now, all the content are hardcoded for simplicity, no DB or API fetches, just a hardcoded array of hotels and everything else. But I added tips on how it could be made dynamic in the documentation.

  • Yes, the pricing is dynamic its calculated based on the checkin and checkout date, and other number fields on the form.

  • I didn’t add a demo video or link for evaluators to access the landing page, just pictures. Is this required for submission?

99% sure the reviewer is not going to install it to check and you should include a hosted version

The static elements and lack of dynamic content dilutes the value even further

With respect I think you are wasting your time unless you drastically improve and evolve what’s on offer in terms of layouts, working demos, more /different fields e.g. discounts, age of children when applicable, mobile versions

esp. as a hard rejected item cannot now be resubmitted without significant improvement anyhow


  • I can add a working demo

  • How do u mean mobile versions, If I host the template, am sure the reviewers could use the browser tool to see the different mobile versions, right?

  • In your opinion what could be improved with the layout, please?

for mobile if it’s repsonsive then that partly answers the questions, but it would add a lot more value to offer mobile optimised alternatives or versions etc.

There’s so many other fields you could/should include

If you are not going to make it customisable/drag and drop then you need to make it clear how buyers can add/duplicate/remove certain fields

The hardcoded nature of the data without the dynamic adjustment based on other users or pre-made choices makes it effectively useless as it is to a buyer so you need to fix the back end functionality too

  • Yes it is responsive

  • its still quite dynamic now but its just that, all the data that is displayed based on user selection are hardcoded. So data doesn’t come from the backend (i.e. API or database). But data is displayed based on user selection and stuff. I could create an API for those data but for now i thought it was ok like this. I will host it and share the link so you really understand what i mean

The functionality issue is that being connected to user selection is great BUT what happens if:

  1. I own the hotel
  2. I install your form
  3. A guest makes a selection and reserves a room
  4. Another guest comes along and tries to make the same booking

Being simply hard coded between a choice and an output alone is not going to allow for prices to be adjusted/bookings to simply be rejected because it is already taken/etc.

This is why it needs to be properly connected to a database which can handle the various logic, otherwise it is more harm than good.

I see your point. But my original intention was just a simple landing page starter template not a full fledge app with login capabilities.

This was meant to get the purchaser started not a full fledged app with customizable experiences but I see what you mean though

It does not need to be a full experience but as a property owner - if it can’t stop people booking rooms that don’t exist then I won’t be in business for very long.

From an envato perspective there are a lot of files available that offer the complex options and yours needs to compete to be approved

I see. Fair point

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