Please, help!!! hard disabled!!!

Today, the track 2 has been disconnected. This remixes on “Jingle Bells”, read the message attachment in email, I can not understand the reason for rejection.

This is the text of the letter:

Hi there,

Please note it was reported and confirmed that this submission was approved in error. In fact, AudioJungle does not allow variations to be submitted individually. You are allowed however to include up to 5 total files within your main zip file. For example, a full length track, a 30 second version, a 60 second version and a couple of shorter loops taken from the main track are allowed, but 5 is the maximum number of files you can include.

The only exception to this rule is the ‘one remix rule’. Only a remix version of a track – which implies significant alteration in style/genre/tempo/ arrangement and/or instrumentation – can be considered as a new item in a separate upload. Small modifications that do not change the character of the track in a major way do not count.

You can update the older version of this track to include this version via the edit link on the track’s page.

Please also list each item included in your main .zip file within your item description along with the duration of each individual item and press SAVE CHANGES before uploading and attaching your updated zip, so customers can clearly see what files are included.

The message you got say that your track was disabled because it had been accepted by mistake. They say that your track was a variation of another track of yours and thus it should not have been validated as its own item. Instead you should put it as part of the original item.

But I have such remixes:

and they have no complaints.

If you are not difficult,explain to me more that I can do that would be to upload them again?
Sorry for my english)))

You are allowed to upload one remix as a separate item. So you have one Jingle Bells track and one remix. You cannot upload more. You can, however, include your latest version within your already existing item.

I didn’t know this rule was applied to Public Domain music as well, but it seems it is the case. So not much you can do.

Thank you so much PurpleFogSound, now I understand everything !!!
Good luck to you !!!