Please help find this music!!

Can anyone help me to find the music used in this commercial?

or at least tell me what tag should i use ? .-.
i already search for days and have no luck finding it …
hope someone can help me :))


I’m trying to search this one for you, but you should search by these tags: action, vocals, percussion, strings, upbeat maybe epic, cinematic…

If I will find the track I’ll be back!

Good luck,
Lilla from HoneyLoud

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I know the commercial and tried to find something similar. But mostly percussion or epic tracks structure on Audiojungle are not similar with that song. Maybe that song is customized exclusively for the commercial.

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Maybe @FASSounds has right, the vocals are very similar to Coca-Cola commercials vocals…

You can add: typo, typography stomp and indie vocals at @honeyloud 's tags :wink:

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