Please help find non-responsive theme! :-)


I’m having such a hard time finding a theme that satisfies all these requirements,

  1. NOT responsive
  2. Sticky sidebars
  3. Woocommerce compatible
  4. Compatible with front end builders like Cornerstone
  5. Clean white/gray aesthetic (like Apple’s website) with good customization options

Thanks so much! I’ve been stuck for days…

Most of the themes (approx 98%) here is responsible but if you could find some theme that fits your need, I could provide custom modifications for the theme.

Why would you want a non-responsive theme ?

It won’t work for my business. I need a consistent user experience and I don’t care about mobile.

Not responsive. Works fine. It’s called “pinch and zoom” :slight_smile:

pinch and zoom is the normal behavor of the mobile items …

Look at my theme:

If you like it. I will disable the responsive for you. But it doesn’t have sticky header (for now)

The other functionalities can be achieve easily with what is already in the demo section

To convert any responsive theme to non responsive it’s simple. Just remove following header tag

<meta name="viewport" content="....">

It applies to most of responsive themes. (Client Side Responsive)


You also need to remove css with media queries and maybe and js if you have more advanced things there . Let’s take into consideration and the bandwidth