please help correct my design

I have not sent this design to the graphicriver. but I want the seniors to proofread the design I made

hi well , as for me , i think that the question to ask to yourself is “is this item going to be useful and bought by someone?”. And for me, sorry to say just this, but i tend to believe that the answer is no. Th fact of the matter is that wood layer styles are super numerous after all these years and this one does not bring anything particularly. In fact this is even rather flat to be honest. Variations from one style to the other are rather small and this decreases gamely the interest that the item may generate for people. IN addition, some styles, to speak frankly how i am feeling seem very unlikely to be interesting for anyone, like the one where there are sorts of symbols inside … i cannot identify in which context the thing may be used and by whom. Do not get me wrong, i do not mean that this is really bad an item or whatever but i think that u really really have to make sure that u bring something new to the table in the first place and then that u offer way more variety in the set that u are putting together, instead of having a complete set of styles with very little differences from one to the other. Be playful if this is really what u want to create as item. Try to multiply option, relief, shadows and so on to have a set of really unique separated styles

There are already A LOT of wood layer styles, and way too many basic ones such as this.

Try to come up with a theme that you don’t see a whole lot of, and try to make yours the best.