please help comment on my text style

please help comment on my text style

hi i am sorry to tell u just this but indeed, there is close to nothing positive to say about all this , unfortunately … the fact of the matter is that u have been reproducing most of the usual mistakes that the few of us have already pointed out many times … set of too close styles, styles not valued because of the background and lack of contrast and so on and so forth … not to mention that this is clearly not a good idea to place styles in a context where they are not contrasting (close background in terms of texture). I guess u have to identify that the style market is not an easy one, much has been done about it , maybe all , i might add … so u really to bring some really huge quality to the table all the way so that this is not only accepted but it ultimately sells too …

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so do I have to change the baground only, or the style also needs to be improved

hi no all need substantial improvement, especially as regard to the category in which u are posting and its saturation

then what should I do, do I have to create a new style again and better than this, because the quality is not enough.
because my style is just uploaded and I haven’t received any response from Grapicriver, whether it’s rejected or not.

no doubt that it will be rejected in my view, and for me the answer is yes … u really have to step up to the plate if u want to keep on posting things to this category, u are going to need to go through some substantial progress, if u ask me … u have to identify a few things. Nowadays , this is not the same as years ago where basically anything could be welcome and could sell well without being extraordinary … now, the market is saturated in the great deal of categories and standards have raised many times. Indeed, let’s also talk the talk, many things have already been done in this category and this is very hard to imagine that people really can bring something super new to the table , so this category is not easy to say the least

There are already a lot of ice themed effects as you can see here. So getting into that mix will be difficult.

You need to try making your own seamless textures and come up with effects that you don’t see very often, if at all. Each effect should also look different, giving variety to the buyer, while also sticking within the same theme. You also really need to work on the preview, it’s hard to read what you have there because the background is too busy and too close to the same colour. Don’t just put a single texture in the background, try creating a fancy presentation that makes it interesting to look at while highlighting the effects.

I wish I could show you examples of what I’d do, but I can’t without having it deleted due to “self promotion”.

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Please value my new style, because I will try to upload it again to the graphicriver

This will not be accepted.

The textures are blurry, and the excessive textured bevel diminishes their appeal. They’re also all very similar again.

I recommend making a bunch of free ones to build up your knowledge of layer styles before trying to sell them. That’s what I did, and I still do make some free ones every once in a while.

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This will be %100 rejected. I tend to believe this is all you can do and seems like you are stuck with these styles without any further improvement. My advice is to move on and create something else. Forget about layer styles.

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for me what is a bit annoying to tell u honestly , this is th fact that from one time to the other u ask again about your styles and we have to come to tell u the very same things over and over and over again … i guess that maybe re-reading the former posts would be a solution for u …

1- presentation too dark
2- lack of contrast between background and content
3- styles too close from one another
4- difficulty to identify in which context people could use these styles
5- difficulty to analyze who these styles are addressed to
6- disconnected background as regard to the concerned styles
7- some effects are too raw and look “naive style” (not mastered properly)
8- texts are unreadable in most cases (who would invest money to get styles where texts cannot be read?)
9- glows look random and increase evolved problems (contrast + readability)