please help comment on my text style


hi i do not get it … has the item been rejected ? as for me, i guess so and i have kind of a clue why … the item is globally very dark, the effect is not impressive visually or bringing anything to to the table , this is globally looking gloomy and though definitely not being orignal to say the least. I guess that u have to identify that u need to value the work that u have done through your preview screenshot, it would be this very welcome to place the concerned styles in mockups so that people can actually know what their texts would look like in a possible working condition environment, the text - and thus the related effect - must pop out from the background, show much of the details the style that u have created and show “how attractive and beneficial” it can be for people to buy it … here u have an apparent disconnection between a steel background and the style on top of it , which clearly have nothing to make people think about steel in any way …

finally indeed, this is not here that items are rated … it takes the item to be approved , to be sold and that the customer - satisfied or not - ultimately comes to rate the template or item that they have purchased …

Like all your text effects posted here until now, you just combined all the layer style possible without any concept behind and the result looks burned, amateurish and unreadable. And to answer your question this will not be approved 100%. Ask yourself: Why someone will buy this and in which kind of project it can be used.

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