Please help Add_shortcode not allowed by Theme check

i check my theme and i got a error which totally strange

WARNING: The theme uses the add_shortcode() function. Custom post-content shortcodes are plugin-territory functionality.

according to this i can not use addshortcode in theme files
then how i create shortcode for visual composer
my theme will come with one more plugin and now days user using one click installer

reviewer can ignore it ? i don;t know i am submitting a theme after a long time
because a see a big theme using add_shortcode in there theme files and theme check giving the same error too…


Shortcodes need to go in plugins, so if the user changes their theme the shortcode doesn’t stop working, create a really simple plugin for your theme which activates the shortcode if installed.

but i see a theme which already add the shortcode to there themes ? the name is stockholm

then i have to add visual composer elements in the plugins , i think reviewer should ignore it

please tell me what i do

Officially Themeforest rules are that you don’t have to add the add_shortcode to plugins as they haven’t brought in the rules (yet) but they will and you would then need to amend your theme, it’s better to do it now and be ready.

Ok thanks you save lots of time, i think its a big change because lots of things is attached to this so
Envato take a smart decision thanks to let me know Gareth_gillman