please guide me why my design are rejected

please deeply guide me…

I assume you have the right license to use that burger asset and delviery icon?

Aside from that:

  • the ‘place logo’ doesnlt work

  • the chips look dumped with no real attempt to make them look natural

  • there’s a lot going on in terms fo compostion with the icons, text, foods, etc. which makes it look a bit messy and cramped

Generally you would need to submit much much more than just this one single design to get it approved

here’s the photo

So I suppose that this design is submitted without this picture, anyway even if so this need a lot of improvements. Good Luck ;]

I’d say it looks more like this

Look at the seeds on the base of the bun and where they are positioned

Either way as you said this is only part of the issues

Funny situation - both photos are pretty the same with little differences :slight_smile: like the meat on the right, different bottom bread etc. Looks like the photo (one or another) is combined with different elements LOL Matrix glitch hehehe

Anyway, this design have 5% chance for approval with photo included and 0% chance for approval without the photo. It is way too simple (simple is not the same as minimal - minimal design requires a lot of precision, it’s different story). ;]

Anyway good luck for the Author with next submissions.