Please give me your opinion to avoid rejection

Hello, guys, I’d like to collect feedback before uploading and to avoid rejection so please if you have a comment leave it and I’ll appreciate it.

It looks great.

hi to be honest , I usually rather like what u create but this one I do not like much … I think that there is a real compilation of things to improve indeed. For me the edge is too bulky and look strange with this picture (and not super good visually speaking to tell u 100% how I feel). Most of the texts are not popping out much and some of them are indeed really hard to read to be more accurate indeed. Most of the texts do not breathe at all which has a negative impact visually and makes exposure and aesthetic suffer in the process. They are very compact , not contrasting much with the background, which increases the readability issue if u ask me. The background seems to only consist of a textured paper and for me this looks light graphic design wise. In addition, the text disposition is not great in my opinion as this is not following the z-shape that describes the way the eyes sweep across a document to read it and thus the disposition does not match super well with the impact zones determined by the z-shape reading, too. For me, the lighting on the guy does not match with the rest of the flyer, especially if u add this sort of red flow of light in the right side while the lighting comes from the other side …

I’ve made update

And this is the final edits

It got rejected