Please give me some feedback on my Hard Rejected track, Thank You

Hello Everybody!

Please give me some feedback on my Hard Rejected track here:

PS.: This is my first forum post, I hope I’m not doing anything wrong, please let me know if I do.

Thank you for your honest feedback and tips!

Have a great day Everybody!

Hi! I think is because is the palm mute guitar melody playing the same ALL track. And maybe the kick is like hammer, if you play it on MONO you will hear that is difficult to listen for a long time. Make it more soft, and change the melody. Try to add some variations to the palm mute melody. And good luck!

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Thank you very much for your tips!

I will try those changes.

I consider myself as a beginner in stock music, also in mixing,
so anybody’s help would be greatly appreciated, just like your help, so thank you again!

This too slowly , sad and mumbling rhythmically.

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Thank you for your tips retsanton! I will think about your tips too when I’m rearranging my song!

Have a nice day and thanks for your help again!