please give me review about my template

Here is my recently made template.
please give me review whether it meets the requirement for themeforest.
and where i have to improve.thank you.

Can only see it on a phone but it’s not ready.

  • aspects incl nav and main hero area broken on a mobile

  • typography is not good

  • code doesn’t validate

aspects incl nav and main hero area broken on a mobile
how to solve this ?

and what is the meaning of code doesn’t validate

You need to correct the code so that it works as it should. For what it’s worth seeing it on a PC the main image may not be broken just there is that dark block below it which makes little sense

No validation:

Looking at it on a PC now with respect it’s not even close to the standard.

  • the concept is too basic

  • the design is not great and outdated

  • multiple unnecessary JS files

  • there’s fundamental issues and inconsistencies with typography, spacing, alignment, blank space etc. throughout

You need to familiarize yourself with the standard of design and attention to detail required here - people think that coming soon are easier as there is less to them but actually it’s harder because there is zero room for error

Now can you give me some tips about typography basis on my this template
like give me details in which sectors typography i need to change and what i have to do.thank you

tons of tutorials but typography is only part of your problem - honestly trying to get this approved is a waste of your time.

You would be much better giving up on it and refining your design skills and understand the level needed by checking others already for sale

no sir ,i know that it cant be approved.
but i am trying to learn something new basis on this template.
like what is the errors in my template.
in the validation page there is this message
Error: Stray start tag script.From line 195, column 1; to line 195, column 74
i dont understand this

Exactly as it says there is a stray script i.e. outside the body tag.

You need to be realistic that if you want to sell in a marketplace for professional designer and developers (something I am far from) then you need to have sufficient experience and skills to deliver

if you dont mind sir,
here is a link of a recently approved template in themeforest.
but this design is as same as my design
so why my design cant be approved ?
[Removed: Calling Out other Files]

It looks like you based your HEAVILY on this if not edited this to make yours?

Either way you can’t compare this (even though personally am not sure I owuld have approved it)v- the typography is much better the spacing and margins etc. right, code is much cleaner and validates

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others or focus on earning.

Again with respect if you can’t see the difference between the files, if your work is based on other people’s, and the stray tags don;t make sense to you then you need to work on learning more before you will be ready to sell files here - it’s not about being harsh it is about being realistic


thanks a lot sir
i learned many things from you.
but sometimes i become frustrated.