please give me a review to this Business card before I upload it

Hi there
please give me a review to this Business card before I upload it about color design concept ext


What concept?
This is a good example of creating something based on let’s see what comes out.

Why someone will buy your card when they can download similar or better cards for free.


hi indeed , the problem with what u have, as @DesignSomething mentioned, this is that this is too "versatile " so to speak, nowadays … as today, the market is more likely to work upon niches and buyers seem to be oriented towards having clearly identified themes. This implies that , for u , the target should be clear. Target issues and theme ones in a broader way have an impact on how the card looks like. People will probably feel more attracted with something that they identify as being made for them or their activity rather than having a generic thing definitely lacking originality in the end. Yes, sorry to say just this but this card is inspiring more than a deja vu feeling , to say the least. IN addition, there are a good deal of things to change, fix or improve , even if we are disregarding these points …
there is a real problem for u for instance to arrange the space due to this much seen wave shape that u could not handle well and that some people could handle way better and beforehand …
the logo is super flat and clearly does not take your card to the next level, this is just contributing to making it even flatter actually …
color combinations are super classic and i think that in this case the black and red color do not contrast enough so that the card looks very dark and pretty unattractive visually in the end, if u ask me …
the logo placement is definitely not the right one and i guess, judging by what u have done, that u do not know what z-shape reading is all about and thus which are the cool places for a logo to be placed for it to have impact … and same goes with the profile icon which is more or less replacing a logo in this case
the logo side is very empty and is not really having interest …
the blocks of information turn out to be to compact, they look accessory or secondary , when the very purpose of the card is this part indeed … why having a business card otherwise? this means that u need to bring something very readable to the table and at this stage, this is not what u have … BTW i suspect the size of character to be too small
the placement of text is not aligned with anything this kills the harmony … spacing is not any better either