Please give me a feedback before upload my flyer in graphicriver.


The images seams to be poorly isolated. Regarding hierarchy the title “Jessie and John” is too small compared with the date and Wedding Day. The faded background style is outdated and looks cheap. Overall look is cramped and oldish.

Check this cards to see what wedding cards are in trend nowadays

Do research before you work to learn what is in trend and what customer prefers.

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Thank you I will fix some and upload here forum again regards.


Now yes? I am not sure.

What happens with the couple? You cut their faces! :rofl: Now the title is unreadable! The card looks like a real estate advert. Did you want to sell the church?

I don’t understand why you work without thinking. Keep the roses, delete everything else!
Use the roses or other plants and create something like this.

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It also doesn’t look like a wedding invite at all.

hi Jeri , no he basically meant and rightfully so that the pictures of the weds are simply badly cut and that they look pretty unrealistic indeed … besides, i might add that same goes with the flower in the bottom right part of the canvas indeed. As for me , though, this is not the only problem that i can find here , despite u could manage to bring sort of an harmony here , there is much to improve in my view. The fact of the matter is that apart from execution issues that were party mentioned as regard to cutting , u also have unrealistic shadowing of the flowers in a general way (probably due to the bad cut of these pictures …). I am personally not a fan of the “stripe” style that u have created i think that u should have better extended the picture in the back to cover more of the background and either bring up and / or increase the models too. The header text is lacking of contrast and turns out to be hardly visible indeed , especially with the additional decorations that u have added … they prevent the text to pop out more rather than any other thing here … I think that u have a bit of a misbalance typo wise too as most of the texts are in a modern non serif font while u have one touch of manuscript font and colors and everything increase the gap u have generated by the way … Footer texts could contrast more. I think that having erikaivo presents in smaller characters than all the reste makes little sense and it leading u to break hierarchy in this case. Besides, this looks strange that “day” is prevailing over the month when people do not care about this unuseful part but need to get to see when the wedding is taking place , either in terms of day and , obviously , month , too. I also have a problem , as far as i am concerned with the way u arranged all texts in all directions , too, some flag on the left, others in the middle …

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wow the second version, sorry to say just this , but this is really a mess and horrible … colors are too flashy and bring no harmony or sense to the table, the couple is still badly cut. The picture in the back in completely in discrepancy with the flowers. There is besides no work at all in the back anymore, now. for texts, u, indeed, got more contrast but wow , it hurst eyes like this and it takes us to put on glasses to see this lol sorry just a joke, ok lol :slight_smile: i just tried to make u understand that u need to pay attention to colors and harmony. Think about complementary colors , theme colors and shades of the same colors , this is safe choice … the text for the name of people getting married is hard to read and misplaced … have u heard about z-shape reading process? if so , u will understand why the thing is misplaced … u , here did better when it comes to shadows but the flagging of texts is still making very little sense

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LOL yeah u are right buddy , i do to know why she came to the conclusion to change all this when u did not mention anything like this

I was stunt :upside_down_face: when she post the second version. I don’t understand why she changed what was ok in the first post. She need to research, plan, do some quick sketches before start working. From what I observed she is always in hurry and don’t understand that a good item needs time / planning / research etc

I admire your perseverance but… you are here and asking for feedback since September 2015 and after 5 years you still do the same very beginner mistakes. If you had paid @n2n44 only $1 for every feedback he gave you, he would be rich by now.

i may not be rich but i would be better off for sure lol i think that Jeri’s main problem is that instead of “paying her dues” she tries to rush come up with new things again when she should have focused on the longer run in the first place , but , i understand why, as it looks like she needs sales and money financially speaking , the thing is that, as u know , here this is far from being a get rich quick place … u spend a loooooooooot of time to develop your portfolio and skills , adapt to the marketplace needs , to develop your account and advertise in hope at a time to grow in terms of sales … and here comes the cover 19 and throws everything overboard lol

You are right. We all have financial problems and now with covid on top of them it’s even harder. And financially speaking the worst part will come at the end of this year.
In my case I put on hold creating new items / products for selling. Now I concentrate in working / attract clients (traditional way). All this online working caused by covid changed allot the way of thinking about remote working. People understand, finally, that remote working is not equal with waste of money. I see this like a huge opportunity as a graphic designer.

Nowadays working hard to build your portfolio here I don’t thing is the best idea. I will try to keep my portfolio alive by uploading one or two items until autumn but nothing more.

My advice for Jeri is to search for projects locally she will be surprise.

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A lot of people finally understand that remote work isn’t the same as part-time work. In my city, LITERALLY 70 percent of office employees are now working remotely with software packages for remote work (Skype, Trello, WorkTime) and getting full pay for working hours. And employers are saving thousands of dollars on office rent.

lol how could be any other way?! lol remote working means endless working days , and no more money than when u go to work at office … so who’s beneficial for this according to u?! lol