Please give feedback.

I made this book cover, please give feeedback.

Are you sure you create this? The sketch is low res.

No I didn’t make the sketch. I just edited that photo and created this design by adding a light bulb.
Please tell, is my concept good or bad.

Do you have the proper license for reselling this photo? Otherwise you have copyright issue.

The concept is overused.

Beside this you have basically no design. White background and some typo over a low res preview stock image and a bulb that you get it from here
Did I missed something? Anyone with no design skills can do this in minutes.

This is a premium marketplace and you need to create original and unique items in order to get accepted. You clearly didn’t understand what the quality standards are.

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hi i guess that u can identify that this is a problem if u turn out to use an artwork from someone else as the great base of what u have done, right? because, i am sorry to say just this, but if we except the concerned illustration , what do u have left? a bulb ad for i could understand, pus some texts? i guess u can figure out that this is not “selling” so to speak … apart from legal rights about using the concerned illustration, indeed, u did not bring anything much to the table personally and why would people feel like buying if so? in the same extent, why would a reviewer accept the file as well? To be honest , in addition, in your part there is also much to say … there is globally no breathing at all and the text have very little impact as they placed way too close from edges , hence the choking and busy feelings that the design generates. The typo is rather monochord and does not bring much relief to say the least , u would need more variations, font combos and touches of originality to give all this a bit more life and impact. I also personally consider the effect that u put o n the name of the author as not super aesthetic to say the least, apart form being misplaced according to the z-shape reading process. Another major problem here in this design and the related organization is that there is no space dedicated to add some potential additional texts directly , i mean apart from changing the global organization and / or reducing the design to free some space , which is a big deal …

If you steal someone pic or anything it is a Copywrite will have to face some problem

so what is the difference with what i said to him? i also recommended him not to do in case u did not understand