Please give feedback on the project which was harshly rejected.

Please give feedback.

The project was hard rejected with the motivation:
Unfortunately this item doesn’t present an appropriate value. This same effect can be accomplished by applying a simple Wiggle script, so asking customers to purchase an item that does the same thing doesn’t make sense from a monetary standpoint.
HOWEVER, there is an example of my work

which is in demand and moreover, for which I was given the icon “Trendsetter” that speaks about high creative and unique component of this project.
As CLAIM that the scripts are NOT POSSIBLE to achieve realistichnee shaking, and that’s why made these presets.
If your team consists of specialists in visual effects, they will confirm this,as no algorithm can completely simulate
real camera movement (even 3D animated films using these cameras to make the picture realistic shaking and dynamics)
So I can say for sure that it is economically justified and will give customers a new creative.

Hey! Community! Give advice!

you video is good but your project is basic for typography, color, etc I think that not accepted it.

95% of buyers would think same as reviewer “wiggle(5,10) = 15$ ??!!” =) i think it’s too specific. mostly of people do not need that realism… BTW your previous work has better preview… this background looks cheap, it should looks clean. try to do better preview with better typography and design

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What’s the difference between these two projects?)

This is essentially just a promotional video, the idea contained in the template. This is essentially a set of control points which were obtained thanks to the tracking and shooting appropriate camera. I clearly wrote? Sorry for my English.

So the question is that the problem is not that it is not beautifully presented, but that supposedly is not needed.
At least, that OFFICIALLY answered. =)

In the first draft “shakes” movie camera, with its characteristic it is smooth swings. In this project there is in addition also and broadcast, manual, small camera and smartphone. They have a different swing and a different effect, for example if you want to shoot “news” take preset with the broadcast camera, if we can pretend that it was shot on a mobile phone, take the preset “smartphone camera”

From the point of view that your 1st project was accepted - this one also should be.

But this tool is supposed to be used by PROs. But PROs can do this ‘like’ effects easily or with scripts which they already have.

I agree with you that if the first took then this should too. As for the PROs, of course they can do themselves, but it’s longer and therefore more expensive, in addition, to make the shaking movement must be a treadmill that at hand might not be. =)