Please feedback on my first "photography" theme concept


I have developed a new template and submitted it to TF for their review… I wanted to also get the communities weigh in on my template. It’s my first attempt at a “photography” website (so please forgive me for any errors I have made) … So any constructive feedback would be appreciated…



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You are the author of NUNU blog? BTW that lovely blog :slight_smile:
So, here’s my feedback…
Your demo won’t open in my mobile browser, btw I use Explorer on windows 8.1 lumia phone…

Thanks for the complement on the blog… I am currently working to bring that to Wordpress… Also thanks for the feedback! I will go ahead and look into that on a “Lumia” phone. BTW did you get a chance to look at it on the desktop of perhaps another phone or mobile device ? Any comments on the concept would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling:… Thanks!


Hi @Kreativeme, I already look to your demo link on my desktop… Here’s my feedback…
Your demo pictures file size are too big, i found many images file size more than 500 KB… In my opinion, it not going well if Your demo viewer will wait for long time to see it… You can loss many viewer before they see your demo… Beside that all, Your design as beautiful as usuall, really love it… Good Luck :smiley:

Oh ya, compress the images between 100 - 300 KB would be better… :smiley:

Thanks for the review!!! Much appreciated… I will go ahead and compress more to speed up the time… I wanted to keep as much of the depth of the image as possible… Also thank for the comments on the design. I am trying to work hard on the UI/UX experience and making the site unique without going over board…Again thanks for the comments and observations…


Hi… I really like the concept. I think i got a one bug in your work… image
The title blocked by the next image… Cheers…

Why all help with he/she, and I not?

I need feedback for my first themes: sell adobe muse


Hi! Thanks for the review and the comment!! I see what you are talking about… that is a different aspect ratio… I will go ahead and address that… Thanks again for the pickup and the comments on the site… I will look at that aspect ratio and make the needed changes…

Thanks again!!


Estoy respondiendo de su peticion en su propio area que corresponde de su pregunta…



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Gracias amigooooooo :slight_smile: Feliz año nuevo