Please feedback my minimal wedding theme

This is my first item. Unfortunately, the theme was rejected within a dozen or so minutes of upload (weird). It does not meet quality standards.


You may be lucky with HTML template instead of WordPress
PS: Typo : She says yes :slight_smile:

I want to go in the direction of WordPress.

You need to improve the design

Could you give me a hint? I really think the design is good.

That’s the problem. You think the design is good enough. Just take a break for 5-10 days and don’t look at the project. Then check it again and it’d look different.

Beside, the design is so simple but not minimal. Good start with animation but still not enough.

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Thanks for your good advice.
Besides, do I have a chance to get on Themeforest with only 1 homepage?

By the way, this is Themeforest description:

It still has the same header slider effect than your previously rejected Mezzo WordPress Theme. I think that the reviewer doesn’t like your slider at all. Neither do I, because it gives the feeling that the hero and the rest of the content are disconnected. Did you build this with Old Mezzo as base ?

Yes, this is that slider. However, many people like this effect. Earlier reviewer said that the theme for the first look looks interesting, but no touchdown to the details. That’s why I decided to make only one homepage without subpages to minimize the scope of details.
Perhaps I came across a reviewer who did not like this slider. That’s why I will work on the design a bit and send it again.

Popular Vellum theme has a very similar slider: