Please feedback my design HTML before of submit themeforest.

Hi to all authors:


Please feedback my html before of submit themeforest if some error colors, etc. thanks, regards.

P.S: I think that my html “hanny” will hard rejected my html because maybe bad colors and ugly my design :frowning:


Hi @JeriTeam

I checked the preview of your html template, and I still found some bugs.

The first is inconsistency.

You can see that the white space in the image below is very much, and not the same as whitespace in the picture above.

I hope you can check for every other part that is still inconsistent too.

The second issue is the navigation menu when the menu is open and I do a few scrolls down, I can’t close the navigation menu.

The third is a coloring problem, I think the color combination needs to be changed again. because for me, it’s not suitable and looks outdated.

And if I see your template, I feel very similar to the previous hard reject template. I hope you can make a more and unique difference so that the reviewer does not think that it is a template that has been hard rejected before.

good luck @JeriTeam :slight_smile:


do you know which code javascript / html and css change active click navigation? I not found code it :frowning:

I will fix some template many thanks, regards.

You can search with the keyword toggle navigation.

Okay, good luck :slight_smile:

neither found this keyword :frowning:

Hi, I think the model girl has too bad teeth, it will make your design unapproved =)) :rofl:


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Hi how are you!

You have very good suggestions so look closely at that material

You still need great to improve.

The choice of colors needs to be improved and taken into account at the time of being able to make an adequate contrast. Try to use colors that combine but at the same time are opposite and find a harmony should be your job.

Even before all this you have to focus on the segment. What colors are suitable for my segment? and what type of typographical combination can I apply? they are questions that you have to ask yourself before modifying the crazy everywhere, without a fixed direction.

You need improvements in typography, alignment and colors

As for the images try to change for quality images and that are focused on your segment.

You are improving so keep working


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Many thanks @TexTheme, I will improve my design, regards.