Please critique my logo

You re far away from nowadays logo standards. Learn the basics if you want a chance to get approved here.

“Please critique my logo”


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hi I am sorry to tell u just this but the concept is rather common in the first place and the way u materialized it is simply not anywhere close from all standards … the green color that u have selected is not appropriate and not aesthetic either, not to mention that as soon as u apply it to the text , u turn out to violate the contrast basic graphic design principle and , this alone may justify a hard rejection … not to mention that messing with this basic design principle is even worse. This is for all of them but this one in particular I might add … . The fact of the matter is that having problems with contrast means big time trouble and additional various issues in a snowball effect … . Problems as far as exposure / impact , hierarchy and of course readability … Pacifico is a cool font in some circumstances but here this is simply not matching and this makes your typo look very far from GR’s very high standards about it , no matter what is the category u belong to or where u post … Besides, all the typo is lacking variations, font combinations and touches of originality so that this is definitely ultimately lacking relief as well. Indeed, the variations of colors make very little sense to say the least … the two brown colors are rather close and are not useful to create relief , in other words, as such , this is useless indeed


@n2n44 thankyou for your constructive criticism

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