Please comment on this reject

Hi @Andriycom !The track sounds interesting enough and I liked it. But in my opinion it reminds me more of a minus to a song, although for background music it is also quite worthy. Also I noticed the shift of the rhythm guitar to the left(too allocated from the total mass) and a slight clamping and “rattling”(the guitar is pinched by a compressor), also a too sharp break at the end of the track, and some of the synthesizers sound antiquated(electric piano or a synthesizer that I did not quite understand) that they put a background (I would replace them with a more modern sound). Also, a lot of white noise is heard, I would have deleted it but not completely. This is all in my opinion.
Good luck!

Thank you!
Interesting and helpful tips.

Hey Andriycom,
I enjoyed listening to your track. It sounds more like music than stock audio. A bit alarming to see productions of such quality get rejected.

Thank you!
I’m glad you like it :slightly_smiling_face: