Please check your themes and remove non-functional and bugged ones

Please check the themes you publish and remove the non-functional or bugged ones. I wasted 3 hours trying to work and fix 2 themes from different authors and this is not the first time!
It’s becoming annoying already!


consulty - not functional after installing demo content
angela_v1.1.2 - wpbakery page editor doesn’t work…i wasted my time installing it on 2 sites hoping it was the hosting fault and not the theme itself…

Please fix this problem, i used to recommend Envato Elements but if this continue i’m going to consider leaving with a bad impression.

4 days not a single answer…quite dissapointed in your services!

I believed there is a planned/already underway project to do exactly that.

Obviously given that is thousands of items and the process to do this properly, this is not a small or speedy job

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I understand.

Thank you for taking the time to update me.
Maybe a small tax to punish authors that publish bugged themes can help your own workers save time as im quite sure the theme authors are usually aware of the problems they have with their product. If my theory is right, they will stop uploading or even delete the themes they already published with problems just to avoid getting taxed for such behavior…just an idea. Thank you!