Please Check TIOBE Index

Python is on the top and still growing +5% MOM
Golang has jumped up from 18th position to 11th position
Rust took a rocket from 29th position to 20th position
PHP is stagnant and being pushed down -1% every quarter

Every Engineering college taught PHP 5years back
Now every graduate coming out know Python

The techtonic shift in programming language is happening

Can envato consider a section dedicated for
Django - which is equivalent to wordpress but more secure and more flexible?
Wordpress clone in Python, Golang and Rust is important for the market as of today

Those statistics are strictly relating to programmer demand. There’s an entirely different story for actual usage by real websites. Some studies put the number of WordPress websites at 450+ million. The number of Django websites is likely well under 1 million. PHP and WordPress are still the absolute kings of Envato’s target market.

Now, I’m not suggesting that Python does not belong on CodeCanyon. It’s just that the tectonic shift you speak of doesn’t exist here.

You are right!
But only if Envato provide a category for Python the authors will start to publish right?

The success of wordpress is not PHP, its the interface
the plugins like elementor helps even a non-programmer to setup the site and work on it efficiently.
Django can never be compared against the wordpress

but because envato is a marketplace, why not consider a category for trending platforms beyond the envato?

you may say theres no such requirement for python based focus in envato.
because, myself and mostly 45% of web developers in my company have visited, searched for django based projects on envato and we also know that theres no such category on envato.

so, eventually when we have a requirement, we dont tend to come to envato at all, because we know its not there…
but for anything related to wordpress/bootstrap envato is the right place

Missing and required category [for current and future]
1.django in python
2.tailwind in html
3.flutter in mobile apps
4.unity/unreal in games
5.threejs/babylonjs in metaverse tech stack [AR/VR/XR]