Please Check My Template

Please check my template Iam going for upload is it ok with envato standards

Hello, I checked your template and here’s a couple of things:
The design is basic and you would need to improve it. The resume/cv category is overly saturated in the Envato Market and the standards are very high. Thus your item has to offer a very unique design and functionality for you to have better chances of approval.

The menu isn’t working properly. When the hamburger button is toggled the menu doesn’t stay active and you cannot navigate the website.

The contact form isn’t working - no form validation.

I would suggest not to use free hosting providers for showcasing items, as the experience is not optimal, loading is not very fast and there are ads that also harm the overall design of your item.

So, my opinion is that you should keep improving your design, add more functionality and then you will have better chances of approval.