Please check my design before upload

Please check my wordpress theme, it is here:

It is travelling blog.

I also developed top authors widget.person can costimize all parts of theme is totally elementor.

here is single.php example:

there are left/right/no sidebar options for single.php.

I made post widget for works with metaboxes.

also I made a my equipments widget for elementor.i didnt add but if you add link to items, people go to link when click on it.

@charlie4282 can you look at?


Hello and best regards.
In my opinion it will not be accepted because it has problems like design quality, spacing, alignment, color and typography and …
The design is old and outdated.
The spaces between the different sections and the title and text and buttons are not the same size.
Text and buttons and images are not aligned.
The color is not good and the opacity is blurry.
The overall composition and visual unity is poor.
Typing combinations have a lot of work, training and practice.
In my opinion, read the Invato tutorials carefully and watch the videos and practice.
I was rejected three times, so I made the decision to do the work and study and now I’m amazed at the result.
good luck!

@Nexiss thanks for your reply.I will fix other things but I want to learn what is:

good composition and rich visual unity.
can you explain and give examples also for new design style.

Hi good friend and dear colleague
Search the internet to understand the UI and UX.
Check out the accepted new items to get used to the new design styles. See also items on these links.
Behance - Awwwards - Dribbble - Tutsplus
One of the exercises that helped me copy the good work of others was to get used to their style and way of working. Then I was able to design my own creative work.
good luck!

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Our IT security really doesn’t like your URL for some reason so we cant access it unfortunately

Hello, the truth is that Theme will never be accepted, please you need to learn more about composition and new trends, check the library. I made better designs than yours and was rejected. Now I am creating a new Theme with new bases, I will upload it with another user because I want to have a new commercial image.

It looks old-school and there’re errors in header and body. So, your theme can get hard rejection.