Please can you give your opinion on this design?

Please indicate the modifications required for acceptance of the form.

Thanks a lot.


@ charlie4282
@ mgscoder

Typography needs a lot of work, especially the headings which look v stretched

The concept is so so so overdone that it has become very hard to get approved and you really have to bring something new or unique which with respect this doesn’t.

You cannot have work or blog sections with no detail/post page - it looks very lasy or unfinished


Thank you very much for your reply :rose: charlie4282 :rose:

I’m already working on rendering blog and portfolio details using AJAX

As for the print, I’m too tired to understand it, but obviously I still need to know more.

The concept is already quite a lot but I will divide it into a personal portfolio and an agency portfolio.

Once again Thank you :rose:

Excuse me
What do you mean by “especially the headings which look v stretched”

The heading font choices look stretched (narrow, wide, hard to head) which a) looks like a mistake and b) clashes with the standard font choices/typography being used for the main content and copy

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Just my personal opinion typography is not good there. need to much improve. you have used for overall template letter-spacing: 1px which not good to read. font-family has a problem with letter cutting you can check with word judge, check small letter j and g. Your demo should be a complete demo. Don’t repeat same content section to section. Blog looks like a single blog repeated there. Same for portfolio section.

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Hi, In case this is html purposes 100% hard rejected. Because this type ui not possible approval. This is normal ui. This is no premium quality.

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You’re not gonna get this item approved even though “if” you could fix the problems. There’re too many similar items on the marketplace and at some point, you will be rejected due to same reason.

Find better idea and execute better way.

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Thank you very much for your reply :rose:
I respect your opinion a lot and of course you are right :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But please give me some tips that I can use in the future :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rose:

Thank you very much for your reply ki-themes :rose:
I will try to innovate again and never give up :muscle:
This is my 18th attempt this year and I will try again and one day I will succeed :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: