Please can I get feedback on this track

Hi there, Please can you listen to my track and advise me why it could have been rejected.

The reason was:

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle.

I’d love to know what it means to make this piece of music commercial quality.

I welcome any guidance.

Here’s the link.

Thank you,


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I think it’s a great track, good sound, mixing and arrangement but you could read this article by audiojungle:

Maybe the problem is related to the first point of that article " Minimize sudden shifts or pauses"…but i’m not sure…

Thank you Nivio_Sound. I’ll check out the article.

Your track is really cool but i think it is too artistic and i don’t know if it is suitable for commercial videos. Maybe you need to take your more time to listen to other people tracks that have the same genre in AJ. I’m sure you have a big potential cause your skills and talents are very good!

If I got right the last paragraph, using U2 brandname in such context is not allowed.

The track is really nice. The issue here is about its utility.Most of the tracks on stock music market are used as background music for visual media.So if the music takes too much space it becomes futile.If you are trying to put a voiceover on top of your track, your attention might be distracted by the guitar solo. Also. ( and this is a useful tool to use on further projects) , try to get some generic voiceovers from internet. Or do them yourself. Put them on top of your track. Is your attention distracted by your music track? If yes, there is a problem.Its either a mixing issue or a producing issue.

Thank you Rainforest Audio

Thanks Ladanauskas, That could be right but they’ve given me the wrong reason if thats the case. If your correct it would be an easy fix.

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Yes, in this case it should be soft-rejection. Cannot say about actual reason, for me everithing is great from production side. I’ve posted that article just to let you know.

Thank you. Much appreciated. I’ll look to change the name and any tags.

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Somebody said U2 around here?? :joy: :joy:

Well, the only one thing that i could say about the rejection is the track got too much different parts.

In other hand, i don´t hear too much U2 (if the name comes from the band) here. :slight_smile:

This track sounds really good. It actually gives good vibes. As a video producer I believe this track could be used in many occasions. The variations are very nice. Most importantly the track is not repetitive. As someone suggested, the reason could be the brand name or tags used. Giving a different into like the one from 00:34 may add value to the track. They must have felt it just started abruptly, just saying. Hope you create more awesome tracks like this. Cheers!

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