Please adjust this!

Dear envato!

This Headline is hard to read and is a pain for the eyes. Especially for Designers, Creatives, Typo enthusiast etc. A little bit more line spacing would be great for a more professional look.

Or am I the only one who is seeing this small line spacing?I am using the latest Safari and Chrome Webbrowser.

hi u are right if there are several lines a bit spacing is lacking indeed, we can do with it but if something like this was going to te review process the theme would get hard rejected lol hahaha kidding

you forgot the ‘lol’

maybe u have forgotten to read a part of the message …

@n2n44 Thats the point :slight_smile: it wouldnt be approved.

It was just a suggestion. Maybe someone from envato has time to fix this.

line-height: 1.3em ?

maybe but the problem is that they are likely to take a whole lot of time and to do their best in order to make things difficult for designers and others instead , they have to change everything all th time and all get worst and worst all the time so i do not expect that they fix something and embetter anything in my case …