Please add moodle Software version 3.2x

Hello Themeforest team,

We want to upload a moodle theme for moodle 3.2x version,But into software version there is moodle 3.1x option.
If possible please add moodle 3.2x version.Or please suggest me how can i select version ( moodle 3.2x.) for my product.

Is this version a new release, I mean it was release within 1-2 weeks from now? If yes, don’t worry it will be added soon as compatibility version.

Otherwise please consider submitting a ticket to envato help team

Add your ticket in this category:

Thank you for your feedback ThemeSLR. Moodle 3.2 version release date was “Release date: 5 December 2016” you can check here

I understand. In this case you should let Envato Help Team know. This way they will update the versions.

OK.Thank you again.