Please add history for preview downloads!

It’s really frustrating that there is no this option yet. It happened for me several times when I need to test if video fits in my project… So I download like 20 different video previews and when I choose one I need to browse again for hours to find that asset.

The downloaded file name should be named not “video_preview_h264.mp4” but with some ID so it can be found again quick. Or just add download history for previews too!

I think you can use the add to collection feature. When you download a preview, Just create a collection and add the item to the collection.

Thanks! never used that option before. Still I think they should add this issue to the list.

When you save the file, you can rename it as item ID, would be easier as default as suggested but I don’t think it’d change.

Why not, it has too. It’s a common thing, all other stock providers (which I have used) does that :slight_smile: