Please Add Envato Elements Payout Alternative Method

While I admire your decision (yet I don’t know how’s that possible) I think it’s time for some kind of official answer from staff @BenLeong @collis

@miseld - you better ask the Team about this - what you want to do is not a normal procedure - if this was normal we would do the same. I this was normal Envato would inform us about this option. ;]

saying “money is Collins”… not responsible. You should read Envato terms before such actions… Envato is not a bank or place to hold the money and that’s why they made automated monthly payouts on the market (before that we could decide when we want our money).

How d oyou know envato haven’t some line in terms and coditions saying that you can loose your founds for previous month if you don’t have choosen payout method?

I am just curious… maybe you earn $100 per month … then I can understand playing with this, but imagine there are authors earning few thousands dollars… ;]

It would be GREAT if this is possible… but without official Envato statement this is russian roulette.

Is it safe to make, did you contact with support or Is there a document showing that it is safe and correct to do this?

As i say, my own decision. Money wont go anyway from the Envato. I know Envato is not a bank, also let’s say my card is expired, blocked and i dob’t have a paypal. What alternative method would be for me to receive my earnings without risk of lost?
I would also like to hear a word from @collis but this situation does not have anything with Envato. It’s up to them to add or remove payment processors.
Again, i don’t want to lose my money. You all see Wirecard solutions ltd. Thinks are much bigger than they actually looks.

I did not contact anyone as i say my own decision.
No guarantee!

But I did and I will let you know when I get answer… I see this is possible to deactivate both payment menthods… but I would like to be sure if I can do this before I actually do. ;]

I will inform you when I get answer from Envato.

For all who see out of the box :wink:

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this is possible for elements, how can we do this for envato?

on elements we have buttons like “deauthorize” under payment methods… I can’t see this on the market…

only way to hold payout from the market is when you earn less than $500 per month, then you can set up SWIFT payout option - SWIFT minimum payout is $500… so if you earned $499 this will be transfered next month…

only this I can see for market.

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Upwork and other companies stopped sending money through Payoneer. Why we haven’t official response from an Envato so long?

Many people didn’t receive their money because of Payoneer. Soon will be automatic payments from Envato through Payoneer, which can’t be canceled. Will our money go to Payoneer again and disappear there?

Envato currently has only 3 withdrawal methods (Paypal, SWIFT, Payoneer) for authors. Many authors don’t have the opportunity to use Paypal or SWIFT because of their country of residence, and in fact the number of such authors is huge. Many authors don’t have a transfer to a bank account, as Payoneer suggests. We will be left without money or forced to leave the Envato markets.

@Envato, please, add new withdrawal methods, for example, Skrill or any other.

Now Payoneer has frozen money and judging by past events with FirstChoice bank all money will not be returned.
Hundreds of thousands of users have already suffered.
@Envato, we are waiting for your answer.


I don’t quite understand what is the problem? Many have an account with local banks, with Payoneer money is perfectly transferred to your account at your bank, to your local bank card … and that’s all … then the card is an ATM … I wrote above that for funds received starting this method has been working since June 27.
On the Payoneer account there is now a separation between the money on the account and on the card, only the money on the card is blocked !, if you have money on the account today (without a Payoneer card), then withdraw it to your local bank account …
I’m sure that in this situation there are millions of people, so I’m sure that the Payoneer team will find a solution,
Yesterday, I thus withdrew the first 100 to the bank card for the test, today I repeated it and began to withdraw another 140, it takes a little time … but I’m almost sure that this money will be successfully transferred to my account (yes, this this way, the percentage is less than taking directly from a Payoneer card at an ATM …)


Yesterday I was able to see my Payoneer “frozen” money. Now Payoneer app doesn’t show any money. This is a bit scary but maybe is a sign that something is going on, for good or bad who knows :man_shrugging:
UPDATE: I can see the money in my Payoneer balance again

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Update from Payoneer blog:

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I tried to do it, but apparently i can’t!

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Have you tried to transfer the money received to your account in Payoneer since June 27? If yes, then call Payoneer support, if the money arrived before June 27, they will be blocked.

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I tried today!

If it is any help, there have been problems with transferring my elements earnings to my payoneer account before and that resulted in the money staying with envato for another month. The next payout included both months then.

Might be the same when you deliberately not choose any payout method but as people stated this should be reported to support as well.

now it’s possible to hold payout for one month by opening ticket for Envato - this is official statement written in second topic here:

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HI, i use Payoneer. but i never use card. so, i think, i do not need any ticket to submit. it is problem in only who use card. i think my payout would be usual. is it?

In INDIA All funds will be automatically transferred to local banks