Playing Youtube Video from Custom field of posts

Hello All,

I have a website that is populated with over 2000 Video Posts.

The youtube ID (and link) are saved in custom fields.

I would like to have one page that has one video player that shuffles through all of the posts and just plays the youtube link/id from the custom field. once it is done it randomly picks the next post and plays the link, Like a TV channel.

I have tried many scripts and have searched for a while but nothing seems to be right.

It would be fine if the script would read the links from a comma separated CSV.

I get how there is a 50 video limit on the youtube V3 API but in this scenario it should not be searching youtube at all and just play the link?

Here are some components that I have tried.

and a few on the wordpress plugin store.

Does anyone have any advice on this?



Thanks for sharing this info Graham