Playing my Audiojungle track live on the windy mountain with a Maschine Mk2.

Hey guys! It will be nice to hear what you think!

Finally, one of my dreams come true!!!
I was traveling with a Maschine controller and decided to make a live video on my Aj track. It was really inspiring to play my music in this beautiful place.
Really like this track! Now I’m planning to make more videos and music!
Will be nice to hear some feedback and thoughts!

And big thanks to Envato for this opportunity! :rocket:

Here is a video

Thanks a lot! :raised_hands:


Really love it! The music, video, this place. Can you tell where is it?
I love your productions and have few of your tracks bookmarked in my favourites. It’s great pleasure to listen to such a super sounding music… it sounds like it was produced/composed with a great ease and freedom. :clap:
Keep posting your videos…and some production tutorials would be really, really welcome :thumbsup:
Best regards!

Wow, I really liked it! :slight_smile: Keep doing those :wink: :sunglasses:

great track. i dont know much about maschine…did you produce it on maschine or in a regular daw?

Not only you do make exquisite music but you are also very creative presenting such a good video. Great work!

It has been filmed in the Madeira island in Portugal.
I really close to share some of my tips and tricks about Maschine and Ableton.

Thank you!


Thank you, guys! @Octopusic @ChesterSound

@KabbalisticVillage Thank you!
Not so long ago I began to divide processes. I try to do as much as possible in the Maschine software with a controller. It’s so good for playing beats live, chopping samples and make different pattern variations. It helps a lot to realize the idea quickly. When everything is ready I throw off the tracks in the Ableton and start to mix. This trick gives more resources for the laptop and it helps a lot to switch the brain perception.


From many years ago I’ve had always the idea of adding a Maschine device to my studio setup as it helps to have different approach to interact with the daw and music in general.

After watched your video I will seriously consider buying it. The one you are using it’s the medium size one. I mean there three different sizes (as far I can see: Jam, Studio and Mikro). Anyway really cool piece of gear! thanks mate for sharing your insights about your workflow!

I’m glad that my experience was useful to you!
But I must say that not everything was so simple in the transition to Maschine software. It’s quite different. I had to force myself to use only Maschine software because I often wanted to open Ableton, where many things can be made easier, but I’ll have to use the keyboard and mouse. The Maschine software is made so that it is convenient to work only with the controller. It’s like old school MPC sampler but with a more user-friendly interface and I love how Maschine sampler works. I really like the process of sampling and pattern system. It’s really cool to have the ability to jam with your ideas on the go. But It took me two weeks to understand and choose the philosophy of working with a Maschine software. Only after this time, I began to get more pleasure from the controller.

Check this guy:
He has a lot of useful videos about controllers and some sampling techniques.

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