Play video on mouse over




Can anyone recommend plugin or theme which has following option:


so it works like this - you have static thumbnail as featured image, if you put mouse cursor on it, it will automatically play HTML5 video which is pre-defined for each post



You’d need some jQuery code to perform it, you don’t need a special theme or plugin. You can do it with any of theme as long as you modify it.

If you don’t know how to do, I can provide paid support for it


Better implement it into plugin, as many user will going to need it for different themes


I have seen it on a theme but cant remember which.

With a bit of messing around you can do it with this theme:

See this thread:

Its an amazing theme too!


Thanks for suggestions, I am aware of the mods, however prefer to have it in plugin form to use with many more themes whereas possible.


Like this?


Duuuuude, thank you

The amount of time I’ve spent on searching this.