Play 2 tracks simultaneously!

Hello to all! I found an error playing music on the Envato website.
2 tracks are played simultaneously on one page! Envato please correct this flaw. Thanks in advance!
(auto-stop does not occur).
(I highlighted this in red).


Really is there any problem then lets tagging Envato Engineer Team @rosssimpson hope he will give you the solution.


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It’s been like that forever…

Thank you for your help! :grin:

Hi @rosssimpson ! The problem has not been fixed.

Hi @CleanMagicAudio!

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce this issue so far. I’ve tried several browsers, and at no time have I seen the track playing and a play button at the same time (when the track auto-plays I see a pause button instead).

Can you please provide the following information so I can reproduce it:

  1. The browser and version you’re using
  2. The operating system and version you’re using
  3. Exact steps to replicate the issue

If we can replicate it here, we can track down the cause and fix it.

Google Chrome (78.0.3904.108) ,windows 7 (64).
On the page with the track, I click on the “play” button. Then, in the description of the track, the recommended files are located a little lower " Here are some items I recommend".There are 3 tracks there and if you play them on the same page, the main track does not stop automatically, and 2 tracks are played simultaneously.

And all the tracks below on the same page are also played simultaneously with the main track (“More items by author” and “More similar items”).

FWIW, I’ve also had this issue on both desktop and mobile for at least 4-5 years, currently on Chrome, Android 8.1.0.

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Thanks @CleanMagicAudio (and @EightBallAudio)!

I can certainly reproduce it now. I’ve raised it with the dev team who works on that part of the sites and they’ll start tracking the issue and a fix for it. I don’t have a timeframe for that fix, but I’ll update this ticket when done.



Thanks @rosssimpson !

Hi @rosssimpson ! Almost 2 months have passed. I would like to know if there is any news?
Thanks! :wink:

Hi @CleanMagicAudio,

I wish I could say yes, but I have no update. This is on the appropriate team’s list of things to do, but it’s not super high up on the priority list. When I have an update, I’ll post it here.

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Hi @rosssimpson !
Many thanks! Have a nice day! :wink:
Correct this error as soon as you can fix it, no one is rushing you! :blush: :+1: