Planning to send mass email to buyers of our specific theme

I’ve sent a support request to Envato 4 days ago, tweeted them (@envato_help) 4 days ago and got zero response. So I’m posting my question here in forums hoping to get some response.

Okay, we have theme that runs on buddypress and the version of the said plugin 3.0 is coming which contains new template system and will have a breaking changes to the user. I need to send the users of our theme a ‘heads up’ before they upload the theme and replace their current theme.

Is there anyways? Thanks

I doubt this will be possible because it would mean that envato would need to allow every author the ability to send custom update mails and info each time.

Is the update a manual process or is it automated from theme admin?

The 3.0 update of buddypress contains an entirely new set of template files which we will support. Which means there will be ‘some’ plugin which may not become compatible. Some of the customizer option that we have put inside the customizer will no longer be supported.

When we release the update, they need to select the new template pack in the option, otherwise, there website will look like broken. The method of theme update depends entirely on the user, they have several options, they can automate the process using Envato plugins like, delete the theme via wp-admin and upload the new version, or overwrite the theme file using FTP.

The important thing, if it would be possible to send something like “Read this before updating to 3.0”, etc. I’m looking for ways to do that.

@charlie4282 Thanks for your reply though!

I do understand the problem - the issue you have is that (while this is obviously quite a big edit), if envato helped do this then any (of the MANY) authors could argue that they should get the same support and ability to do this when they update their items which is of course not feasible.

I would be patient and hopefully support will have some kind of solution (bear in mind they don’t tend to reply over weekends).

I would also in the meantime think about setting up some kind of landing page somewhere which talks people through the process - unfortunately people often don’t read emails even if you could send it out

Okay, so theres no way to reach all of them via email.

Whilst you update the theme, there’s an option to send the users email ( if you check ) and you can add one read-me file to the theme files and also at the front of the item page ( top part ) so the users could read and understand how it works. You can also create a FAQ link on the item page and point the users about this change

I can’t see any field that allows you to attach a message or optionally send the users an email aside from “Message to the Reviewer” and send a notification to buyer.

No one reads a readme file. Yep, our best bet is to put some big banner on the item description page hoping that some users would see it. I also think FAQ would help.


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