Placing the application on CodeCanyon. What does "Demo URL" mean?

Hi all, I want to put my mobile applications + admin panels for sale through CodeCanyon. What does the “Demo URL” field mean As I understand it, I should put the demo version of my product on my domain. It must be a landing page with information? What should be on this Demo URL?

Correct. It supposed to include some screenshots along with the features. You can check with different items on the same category ( other authors’ items ) to get some ideas

Thanks for the reply!
Then everything becomes clear to me, except for the three points that are highlighted in the screenshot

  1. main file - given that we have an admin panel with a hundred thousand lines of code and several applications that interact with this admin panel, what should be specified here?
  2. Inline Preview Image - what kind of image is this?
  3. Optional live preview - I don’t understand it either.

Yes, I’ll look into it now. I am not a developer, but a product owner and investor. Can you describe these three points in a nutshell?

Just check the submission requirements. Everything you need to know is there. You just need to “read”