Pixel Pro

Hello fellow developers,

In the past few months we have been working hard on our new product. It is called Pixel PRO. It’s a Bootstrap 4 UI Kit, built with Sass, Gulp and we used the Bootstrap methodologies by heart.

One of the co-founders (Robert Tanislav) has been a theme author on Themeforest for quite a long time. He has teamed up with another developer (me :slight_smile:) to create a very handy UI Kit for web programmers to use for their awesome projects.

All we ask you dear devs is check out our live previews:

PRO online Demo: https://themesberg.com/preview/pixel-pro/


Zoli (co-founder Themesberg)

Not sure this is right for Themeforest as it is more of a Kit than a finished theme or template and therefore quite fragmented.

Perhaps it should be on CodeCanyon?

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