Hi guys.
What are you do when you find your items on pirated sites?

But basically, keep making your item awesome with clearly advertised updates and new features. Don’t spend too much time chasing down these people, that time is better spent making your project better.

hi, u have to report the infringements of rights to help center / envato, now i recommend that u either try to take care of things on your own or forget about the fact that u are being cheated. Indeed, if u do contact hosting companies, they are supposed to remove the links leading to your works, it will already take time, if u contact the help center, people in envato will check things up and it will take time … in addition of the time that hosting companies will take also to withdraw items … otherwise, u can report, get a badge (in any case) and afterwards go back to work and produce other items , like many veterans ended up doing because thats’ almost impossible fighting against piracy anyway. Actually , u waste a lot of time doing it … and, in the end, u report some wbesites, they are still alive months afterwards and keep their activity going and some other have had time to have your items in between with the snowball effect and u end up in a vicious circle where u have to fight against many places giving your item for free …