Pirate Party Flyer is Hard Rejected. Need Help!!

Hi guys!

My Pirate Party Flyer is hard rejected. I don’t even know why.
Any possible explanations why my submissions got rejected?

hi as for me i like it and to be honest i can only see some small things to improve indeed. I just tend to believe that your main problem is the typo, which is not a minor issue here to say the least … the fact of the matter is that both styles of fonts that u combined are not really matching super well as all the top part is using a serif older style - which is matching rathe well with the theme, no problem for this - but on the other hand u have a much more modern kind of font for all the footer … if i were i would rather opt for a serif style of font for the footer too , something like “imperator font” for instance. U have an issue for hierarchy otherwise … think about it the club name is probably the most important issue after the name of the night , and in your case this is not so visible or popping out, u valued much much more the Djs, which makes little sense in terms of advertising and promotion. Finally u have sort of a stroke under the rudder, if i were u would either take it out and introduce some real shadows or make it way smoother indeed


Thanks for your guidance. I will work on suggested issues. :slightly_smiling_face:

u are welcome, if u feel like u have enough material to rework your item , u can check the “solution” box :slight_smile: good job and good luck buddy :slight_smile: