Pinterest images?

I have sort of questions about “use of images” for ThemeForest Web Templates:

  • Can authors use Pinterest images in their templates for demo purposes only? (No remake or redistribute)
  • I am monitoring many templates, that are using Pinterest images! and even they are not giving credit in item descriptions! Is that possible?

Answers appreciated…

You Can Use If They Offer Commercial License.

What if they are not providing any commercial license?
Here ( ) is got this text…
Can I use images on Pinterest for my own project?
Except in unusual cases, Pinterest is not the copyright holder in the images that users pin on the site. Where necessary, you should get permission to use an image from its copyright owner.

I’m sure there are some in demos (bear in mind that just because they are pinned there does not mean that the original image is not hosted elsewhere) but legally speaking you shouldn’t use them.

They are not automatically licensed just because they are on a social network and if you don’t know where they came from then you risk big potential issues if the original is protected.

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