Pinpoint booking system error code

Hello, i want to update the discussion we openend on the old forum:

We set up the booking avoiding discounts for the extra nights and put only prices for high and low season. We started to do some tests and everything was working, paypal sandbox included.
We changed the calendar availability of some bungalows and then we received the same error for all, unchanged bungalows included:
"Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).Express check out API call failed."
If anyone could help us to solve this error it would be very appreciated

we would like to know in short time if we can fix the issue somehow or to move to other plugin because we are in big hurry.
waiting for an answer

Many thanks to Sabina and Marian of the Support team who fixed the problem
Best regards

Should always post your support related questions to the actual product you’ve purchased.

Those authors do not often check the forums and your questions can then be overlooked here.

I have the same issue, what was the fix for this?

check on their support forum for fast help: