Pingbacks & trackbacks not displaying - WP Reviewer request


I just received a request from a soft reject, but I not able to understand how to solve it, also on google I can not find nothing. The request is this:

Pingbacks & trackbacks not displaying:

Someone know how to fix it?
Thank you


Really no one can help me? this is a requirement of the reviewer, so every author should know it.
Can some one help me almost on this: how to insert/send a pingback or trackback to a post of my live website for testing?

I tried to send multiple times a pingback / trackback to my site from another wp website, but nothing, I not receive nothing.

Can someone help me?
(is this a valid reviwer request?)

Thank you

look at that, you need to be including tracksbacks and pings in your comments functions.

Thank you for the help!