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I’m using Real Estate Pro plugin and I’d would like to insert a different picture in each property.

I attach a screen capture. You can see all property has the same image and it isn’t properly.

Thanks for your support.

I think you can do it easily. go to edit each property and set individual pircture for each property.

I thought it but I can’t see that option in property page neither list page.

Thanks for your interest!

you have to remove the exist duplicate images then have to click ‘añadir imágenes’ to add new images.
Hope will help.


Thanks for your support but I don’t understand you. I can’t see duplicate images.


can you see ‘Remove’ in red box. if you need to remove those exist images then you have to click ‘Remove’.

Now can you see ‘ añadir imágenes ’ (above the images) click on that to add your images.

Hi! I’ve removed all pictures and add a new one, but I obtain the same result.

I’m not able to find a checkbox or similar to use a main picture.

after removing old image then add new images then you must have to click ‘actualizar’. mean you must have to update the post.

I’ve updated the post after changes but there is any change.

Even I’ve deleted the picture that appears and it continues showed. It’s strange

Thanks for your interest

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