Picture size responsive. How to solve?


since days I try somehow pictures to the courses, which all have the identical size of 800x600px, suitably from the format under https://lern.de/alle-kurse/ (in the list from top to bottom the first course with a picture Abiturvorbereitung BwR FOS 12th grade Munich 2019 By Lern.De 20 October 2018) on the course description page can also be displayed identically.
I do not understand the size conversions, and I also do not understand why the image is simply cropped at the course description page. Can I control somewhere in the theme or in WP that he keeps with the format 4: 3?

Have tried everything possible. For older courses we have tricked around, that the essentials can be seen in the overview of individual courses, but somehow there must be another way to get existing course pictures in 4: 3 format properly displayed in other resolutions.

Iā€™m currently helpless.



Contact with you item author where you purchased this item hope they solved your issue quick.
How to contact author

or you can open a support ticket they would like to help you.

Or Hire a freelancer from Envato studio

Hope quick solved your issue.


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Thank you for the fast answer. We have already written to the author, did not receive an answer. The support has expired and we do not see, because of a simple question again to pay money and thus receive useless bad support for 6 months.
Is there someone who can help us?

you want to make your picture responsive ?

use getbootstrap img-responsive class image will be responsive.

Or you can hire freelancer from envato studio.

or you can tell me if solution is short then i will help you.

I think you can contact with that author also cause he can solved it quickly he made this product.

the images are automatically enlarged or reduced by the theme to represent this responsive. However, that does not quite work (see link to the mentioned course).
Therefore my question, where or how to control it. The original pictures are blended, which may not be.
Here are the links to one of our courses:
and the course https://lern.de/alle-kurse/abiturvorbereitung-bwr-fos-12-klasse-muenchen-2019/