Picosms not deivered as expected

Hi support,

It is unfortunate that PicoSMS is using your platform to deceive people into making a payment for a products they know quite well they cannot support to the fullest even with payment.

I purchased the Picosms software for over 4 months now and before purchased, I chat them that I want to use it for SMPP server, they said, no problem. I have the whatsApp discussion as an evidence with me. Now, after payment with an additional payment of $195, also they force me to purchase a VPS hosting for it to work for about 2 months now, they are yet to deliver. The last thing they did was to set up the smpp but no dlr and that was on the 11th of June. Up till now, various messages sent to them were not responded to. Our customers that we suppossed to onboard on it are no more taking us serious. Their support is very slow and unsactifactory, a complaint may take more than a month to be responded to and they are not remorseful about the pains they are causing us.

We need a refund for this software and also, we use every means to get all other payment via Paypal as it is a big regret on our side that a reputable platform like this can harbour non responsible software developers.

To request refund please follow instructions from this article. There’s a button to initiate refund process. Envato Market refund rules are available here.

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