guys I have a strange question to ask you, because with the piano tracks, if they are listened to on the phone they go into “disotorsion” at high volume? why are they rich in mid frequencies? I have listened to many tracks and almost all of them do so

It’s your phone speaker that’s distorting. I guess the manufacturer just doesn’t expect (or care/think much about) people listening to piano music loudly on their phones.

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I have tried on 3 phones. However, maybe it is not distortion but when the volume is at maximum the sound deteriorates

this is due to the fact that some recordings are initially very quiet and there must be some kind of volume reserve. and so the maximum volume is always a compromise.

That said: the one who chooses our music only by his phone, is not very professional!!! For my part, I try to do my mastering, so that it plays well, on my studio speakers, my home cinema, my car, and finally, my phone!


In the distant 60-90s, the piano sound performed other functions in pop music. They needed rich frequency responses. Now the piano is used (in freelance music) as a background instrument. BUT! If you listen to the mega popular Billie Eilish or Ashnikko, then in the master on this instrument ALL frequencies that are not readable on the simplest media are removed. But at the same time, this sound meets the requirements of auxiliary and non-main instruments.

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