PHPMYLICENSE Version 3.2.0

PHPMYLICENSE Version 3.2.0

There is still no front end functions..
This script is only "half the solution".
In order for this script to function as a whole it needs to have functionality for the end user as well as the person who purchased..
PHPMYLICENSE needs a.....
1)- Front end verification process for the site owner to allow PHPMYLICENSE to function under auto pilot so one doesn't need to baby sit each request
2)- A way for the site owner to sell(Front-end) or allow free/paid registration with a valid email conformation/ license issued to.
3)- Some sort of payment gateway like paypal function added.
4)- Possibly some form examples to help process through PHPMYLICENSE API 5)- Most importantly get better customer support answer your customer emails and form post in a 1~2 day manner.

Now As a beta tester for PHPMYLICENSE I feel like I personally have let those down who have purchased PHPMYLICENSE as I have only had the opportunity from PHPMYLICENSE to test one(1) beta version along with the opportunity to help with a new concept of getting PHPMYLICENSE online version available which I have only tested One(1) time and have not heard nor tested since.

Let’s focus on the positive, PHPMYLICENSE has the potential to be a great script and money maker for both the Author and the purchaser . But let face it! If the Author doesn’t reply to any post, request, emails or Skype notifications then what good is it to anyone…

I would like to here some input from those who have Purchased PHPMYLICENSE Post your comments here or send the directly to me…


it appears as if the authors domain has expired… — This domain name expired on Jun 3 2016 06:38:13:000PM