phpforms-a great product with great support!

A big thank you! After getting to know Gilles through purchasing his phpforms I
have engaged his services to write some complex bespoke forms. We are in
the middle of the project as I write. Like all projects have been minor
teething problems which needed to be sorted out. What is so different
and so good though is that Gilles has gone about that in a dedicated,
friendly, helpful and ‘determine to please’ manner. His skills are first
class and his patience brilliant. I have already commented how much I
like the phpforms class is….even for complex applications. But the
support is even better. I don’t think you will find a more dedicated
person or better product. If you need help he has been there even in the

Great review! Make sure you also rate their items you purchased :smile:

Great forum. KrojamSoft FilesSearch Tool helped me in this case